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Online and offline

With timr, you can track all your time both online and offline, anywhere and anytime. Times tracked offline are automatically synchronized with the server once you’re back online.


All platforms

timr apps are available for all platforms, so you can freely choose which mobile device you and your employees use for time tracking.

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GPS location tracking

Using timr’s GPS location tracking, you can optimize workflows and order processing in your company even more. Assigning a task to a nearby employee is a snap.


Work time, project time and drive log in a single app

timr lets you handle work time tracking, project time tracking and drive log in a single application. You save time and money

Centralized management of all data

On your smartphone you simply track your time on the go via the timr App. Due to the seamless integration of web and Apps all records are automatically saved and backuped in the timr web application. Via the web application you also handle the administration of timr in the office.

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Work time tracking

Have meetings away from home? With timr, you can record your work time directly on your smartphone. Data is automatically synchronized with the web application.

Work time tracking

Project time tracking

If you handle tasks at the customer’s site, with just a few clicks you can track your project time on your mobile phone. Tracking time is done easily and in real time.

Project time tracking

Drive log

timr’s drive log feature makes life easy for a company’s outside employees. All travel data is easily tracked and recorded in timr.

Drive log

Try mobile time tracking with timr – without obligation

With timr, time tracking is easy to perform, anytime and anywhere. If you’d like to try out a time tracking system that combines mobility with comfort, we invite you to try timr.

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