Mobile time tracking app for every smartphone

Immediatly available – easy to use

  • Time tracking and mileage tracking all in one app
  • Live overview of all employees
  • No new hardware required
  • Apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone

Your benefits at a glance

Centralized administration – better overview at your convenience

Instant real-time data of your employees

The time tracking app is ready to use immediately after installing on your smartphone. All data is managed in the web app. This has many advantages:

  • Your employees track time via the app on the go
  • As an admin you have a real-time overview of all ongoing projects your employee’s are working on
  • All records are managed centrally on the web
  • No more shuffling papers

Central and quick management

Working hours and time spent on projects are tracked in real-time. As an admin you can take a look at and manage all data at your convenience. Detailed documentation allows for a prompt decision making and management according to schedule and order situation.
  • No more waiting for employee’s reports and time sheets
  • Invoice your customers as soon as possible
  • After finishing a project your work is documented in a clear and precise way

time tracking administration

Instantly available – no special skills and no new hardware required

You can use the time tracking app on every smartphone and the web application is available on your favourite browser.

There is no need for an IT specialist or any new hardware. Just instal the app on your smartphone.

  • High availability
  • Hourly and daily backups
  • Easy to use

Easy time tracking – content employees

Everything you need is at your disposal

Time tracking and mileage tracking in one single app

With the timr App you are able to save your employees a great deal of time. They can track their working hours and their trips to customers on the go all in one app.


Easy to use

All important features are immediately available when starting the app.

  • No annoying search
  • Starting and stopping at the touch of a button


Everywhere instantly available

The time tracking app is ready to use even in places where you have no signal or internet connection. As soon as your smartphone connects again all data is automatically synchronized in the background.

Try mobile time tracking for free

Time tracking – easy to perform, anytime and anywhere. If you’d like to try out a time tracking system that combines mobility with comfort, we invite you to try timr.

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