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ÔéČ 7,20
per User/Month

Payed yearly

Work time tracking

┬╗ Work hours & Absences
┬╗ Work hours & Vacation account
┬╗ Time sheet

Project time tracking

┬╗ Create your own task structure
┬╗ Assign tasks
┬╗ Set billable status

Mileage tracking

┬╗ Add cars
┬╗ Assign employees
┬╗ Various reporting options

Leave management

┬╗ Absence calendar
┬╗ Requests via Web and App
┬╗ Email notifications

iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry Apps


Hosting, Updates and Support

ÔéČ 7,20
per User/Month
ÔéČ 26,10 per Account/Month

Payed yearly

All features of the Regular Plan


Project budgets

┬╗ Hours, revenue & costs status reports

Set hourly rates

┬╗ Per task & per employee

Budget warnings

┬╗ Warning Emails for employees, project leaders & admins

ÔéČ 7,20
per User/Month
ÔéČ 71,10 per Account/Month

Payed yearly

All features of the Plus Plan


Advanced user permission

┬╗ Division manager, department manager, team leader, project manager

Team tracking for team leaders

┬╗ Ideal for construction work teams

Custom fields

┬╗ For costs and expenses, daily allowances & more

Are there any installation costs?
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No. You can try timr for free without obligations or hidden costs. If you don’t upgrade your account to a paid plan after 14 days your trial account will automatically expire.
Do I need a credit card for the trial?
No, there is no credit card necessary in order to set up a trial account.

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