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€ 7,20
per User/Month
Payed yearly
€ 8,-
per User/Month
Payed monthly

Work time tracking

  • Work hours & Absences
  • Work hours & Vacation account
  • Time sheet

Project time tracking

  • Create your own task structure
  • Assign tasks
  • Set billable status

Mileage tracking

  • Add cars
  • Assign employees
  • Various reporting options

Leave management

  • Absence calendar
  • Requests via Web and App
  • Email notifications

iPhone & Android Apps

  • Position detection at start/stop
  • Geofencing
  • Location-based task suggestions
  • Task selection with QR-Code
  • Detail recording via code scan

Hosting, Updates and Support


€ 7,20
per User/Month
€ 26,10 per Account/Month
Payed yearly
€ 8,-
per User/Month
€ 29,- per Account/Month
Payed monthly

All features of the Regular Plan

Project budgets

  • Hours, revenue & costs status reports

Set hourly rates

  • Per task & per employee

Budget warnings

  • Warning Emails for employees & admins


€ 7,20
per User/Month
€ 71,10 per Account/Month
Payed yearly
€ 8,-
per User/Month
€ 79,- per Account/Month
Payed monthly

All features of the Plus Plan

Advanced user permission

  • Division manager, department manager, team leader, project manager

Team tracking for team leaders

  • Ideal for construction work teams

Custom fields

  • For costs and expenses, daily allowances & more

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Free Plan

€ 0,- forever


1 User

Limited to 1 feature

  • Working time tracking (2 working time types), or
  • Project time tracking (5 active tasks), or
  • Drive log (1 car, 2 categories; without tour app)


for 20 Users and more


  • Individual quote
  • Tailored to your requirements


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Do I need a credit card for the trial?

No, there is no credit card necessary in order to set up a trial account.

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