No base fee
€ 8/user per month
Tracking of work time and absences incl.
Holiday entitlement
Project hours
Mileage log
GPS positioning
Powerful reports
Apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry
€ 29/month base fee
€ 8/user per month
Everything in the Regular plan
+ Project budgets
+ Hourly rates
+ Budget warnings
€ 79/month base fee
€ 8/user per month
Everything in the Plus plan
+ Advanced permissions
+ Team and team leader tracking
+ Custom fields

10% discount if payed annually

…and choose your plan later.


Questions? Let me help you.

If I cancel my account within 30 days of signing up, will I be charged any fees?
No. You can test timr for 30 days risk-free.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?
No, we don’t require a credit card to sign up.

What happens if I forget to cancel?
With timr you have to manually switch your account into a payed or free plan within the first 30 days. If you don’t like timr, the account automatically expires after the first 30 days.

Any hidden fees?
No, take our word for it. We try to bind you by our features and benefits, not by contracts

Is there a setup fee?
No. There is no setup fee for any of our plans.

Yes, we have a free plan

The timr Free plan is limited to one user and one of our 3 timr features. With the Free plan, you can choose between:

  • Working Time Tracking (max. 2 Work Time Types)
  • Project Time Tracking (max. 5 active Tasks, no Dashboard)
  • Mileage Tracking  (1 car, no GPS Tracking)

During your timr Trial, your timr account isn’t limited and we’d like to encourage you to try all timr features without any limitation.
We recommend trying all timr features within the Trial, later you can decide whether to use a free or a premium plan.

How does timr pay for itself?

Time tracking usually is extremly expensive, inefficient and inaccurate, people are geting frustrated doing it because most of the systems or methods (excel files, …) used for time tracking don’t concentrate on time tracking. If you don’t know exactly what you and your employees spent your time on, you can’t tell how to improve your business.

Try timr and get back full control over your time!

  • Increased profits due to higher billing demands of your employees
  • Savings due to reduced time tracking efforts by using timr
  • Cost transparency because of accurate time tracking
  • Get the current project costs minute-by-minute (e.g. for a spontaneous decision during a project meeting)
  • More motivated employees because they no longer have to track their times with systems that haven’t been built for time tracking
  • timr helps your employees to focus on one current task (the task that is currently recorded in timr)
  • Reportings and statistics help you to bill and optimize your business

Enterprise On Premise.

Basically, we’re offering timr as a Software As a Service solution which includes hosting, updates, support and backups. However, some customers prefer running the system within their own servers.

With timr Enterprise On Premise we offer a timr solution which can be installed on your own servers. timr Enterprise On Premise can also be fully customized based on your needs.

For all further information regarding our timr Enterprise On Premise solution please contact us at or call us at +43 720 882242 . In order to request a quote for timr Enterprise On Premise, please tell us how many users you’d need. Please note that there is a minimum of 40 users for timr Enterprise On Premise.

Do you have any questions?

We're happy to help you put timr to good use for your business.