Minimum effort, maximum precision

  • Track projects with a stopwatch timer
  • Add project times manually
  • Create your own task structure
  • Review work hours, employees and budgets in real time
  • Powerful analyses and reports
  • Mobile apps for time tracking on the go

More than 2600 companies trust timr everyday

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Effortless time tracking for projects

Track how much time you spend on projects and tasks no matter where you are. Use the web app or track your time on the go using the timr smartphone app.

Start and stop entries with a simple tap or click. At the end of the day, you’ll have a list of all time entries associated with your projects. If necessary, you can add time entries afterwards as well.

Create your own task structure

Record project time according to your own preferences: timr can be customised to your needs and will fit you to a T.

  • Structure tasks as needed for each client and project
  • Create subtasks
  • Assign tasks to employees
  • Move, merge and deactivate tasks
  • Modify the task structure anytime

Always keep an eye on project times

Project reports at the push of a button

Want to know how far along your project is and how it’s doing? Use timr to generate a detailed project time report.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports

Get reports for various time frames, whether it’s just one day, a week or a whole month you want to get an overview of.

Budget report

With timr, you’ll always know how much time you’re spending on each project. You can also create budget reports to get a clear look at each project’s expenses.

Our customers speak for us

I like time tracking more now than ever before, we have less work, but more output and super statistics.

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We save 80% of the time we used for time tracking and calculation.

Christian Cizek, EFG Turbinen- und Kraftwerksanlagenbau

Project time tracking with mobile apps

Online and offline

Track project times whenever and wherever, online or offline. No more retracing your steps to add missed time entries because your timr app is always with you!

GPS location tracking

The app’s GPS location tracking feature helps you with your scheduling. When a customer needs something done on-site, simply dispatch the employee who’s closest to the customer’s location.

An app for every platform

Use the timr app for your project time tracking needs on your smartphone. The app is available for iPhone and Android.

Real-time and on-site

Does a project have you working on-site or being out and about all day? No problem! Simply use the timr app to track your project work time wherever you are and in real time.

Always on top of your budget

The timr budget dashboard puts your project’s expenses at your disposal. You can check how much time has been spent on a project and the costs you’ve incurred so far.

Sort budget summaries by project, by tasks or by employee to get detailed insights.

Try project time tracking for free - no commitment!

Project time tracking should be a piece of cake. See for yourself how simple and easy it can be when you use timr!

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