How to generate the perfect project name + 7 must-see tools

Mario Breid
July 4, 2023

We present methods and tools that are guaranteed to help you generate a perfect project name or version name.

Are you just starting a project? Why not impress your team with a cool project name!

We’ll show you 5 Best Methods to Choose a Project Name and the Ultimate List of Top 7 Project Name Generator Tools.

Let’s dive right in.

Let your imagination run wild

In one of our recent blog articles, we looked at the project names of successful companies and found that, in theory, there are no limits to imagination and creativity when it comes to naming projects. At Apple, for example, Al Capone is sometimes the eponym.

In practice, however, it is simply not that easy to generate a really good project name. Therefore, you often find rather unimaginative name creations.

The trick is not to spend too much time on finding a name, but still to find a project name that fits the purpose of the project, remains in the memory and with which the employees can ideally also identify.

What you should keep in mind when finding a name

Project name find

The project name should inspire and be remembered by customers and project members alike, while at the same time being representative of the project, obviously.

Even though you should not invest too much time in finding a name, it therefore makes sense not to just spontaneously decide on project names on a whim.

Jot down ideas and let the names work. Once the project name has been determined, it cannot be changed again so quickly.

It is often used for years. So question whether you like a name in the long term.

In any case, think about what you want to convey with the project name. Are there characteristics of a product that you want to emphasize with it?

Or a core message that you want the project name to convey? It can also be a great help to get ideas and opinions from your immediate environment. Especially if the priority is that the project name should appeal to team members and customers, feedback is enormously important.

The best 5 methods to generate project names

If you look at the project names of well-known companies, you will quickly notice that certain methods of name generation are readily used.

The really classic methods probably let you find names faster, but of course they have the disadvantage that most of the names you get are rather hackneyed.

However, you can still get some ideas. Among the known methods are:

  • Using well-known figures and personalities as namesakes (for example, from film and television, politics and history, or ancient mythology)
  • Translations into other languages (often Latin and Greek, but also more exotic languages)
  • Create abbreviations (acronyms)
  • Use geographical locations (for example, Apple named its operating system “El Capitán” after a rock formation in Yosemite National Park)
  • Use numbers instead of letters (in IT you can use binary code)

Top 7 naming tools

Of course, you don’t always have to generate your project names or acronyms manually.

There are a few handy tools that can be a good help for you.

We have listed 7 of them for you:

  1. Name Robot: Name Robot offers not only different tools to generate the perfect project name, but also news and tips in its own blog.
  2. dot-o-mator: If you are looking for a project name to use for a domain, Dot-o-mator is the place to go.
  3.  Do you want to use an acronym for your project? Then is the right choice for you.
  4. namelix: You already have a few ideas floating around in your head, but you just haven’t thought of the right name yet? Just enter a few keywords in the Namelix Business Name Generator and let us surprise you.
  5. Oberlo: If you not only want to wrap your project idea in a good name, but are also looking for the perfect logo or slogan, Oberlo is perfect for you.
  6. nameboy: The more playful option if you are after the right project name is Nameboy. You can also use the project name for your domain.
  7. code name generator: Top Secret! The Code Name Generator is just right for you if you are looking for the perfect code name for your secret project.

Get inspiration from the best

When you’re looking for a name for your product or company, you should also think about the right logo. Well-designed logos can even convey product-related messages.

Get some inspiration from successful role models and discover hidden messages in well-known logos.


If it is a larger project and you want to make your own website for it, then be sure to check whether a domain is still available for the chosen name. It does not always have to be “.com”, you can also choose a “.io” domain, for example.

Not only the name of your project should fit

efficient and clear time recording is also part of the success. Keep track of your project effort and use the possibilities of digital time recording!

How do you name your projects? What are your requirements for project names?

Or do you think you can get by without fancy project names?

Discuss it with us in the comments. We are happy about every contribution!