timr Autumn Update 2021

Today we would like to present some new features and improvements that we have been working on over the last few months. The main focus was in the area of working time recording, but there was also a first extension concerning the budget functions.

Today we would like to present some new features and improvements that we have been working on over the last few months. The main focus was in the area of working time recording, but there was also a first extension concerning the budget functions.

timr autumn update 2021

1. New working time features

1.1 Overview of current time & vacation balances

Time Account - Current Balances

For a better control of the current hours and leave balance of employees, there is now a separate view of the current balances of all employees.

Here you can also see at a glance all the alerts of the automatic validation of working hours for the current period for all employees.

Your own time & leave account is now separate from the employees’ accounts.

The employees’ accounts are listed under “All accounts”.

In addition, both you as an administrator and the employees themselves now have the option to view the hours balance with the balance from the previous day or today’s balance.

Users without administrator rights still have only the view of their own account available and can get there directly by clicking on Time & Vacation account.

1.2 Preview time sheet with due date for employees

Preview time sheet with due date

Employees can now select a due date for the preview of the time sheet.

This way employees have the option of viewing a timesheet preview of the previous month only, for example, as long as the administrator has not yet created a closing.

1.3 Time sheet with number of home office days

It is now possible to display the recorded working times as a total for each working time type in the time sheet.

We have also created the option of displaying the number of home office days on the time sheet.

Home Office days on time sheet

1.4 New options for absence requests

Configuration of user rights for approving requests

Request permissions config

Until now, the approval and processing of absence requests was automatically possible for admins and team leaders (Enterprise Plan) by default. Now you have the possibility to define individually in timr whether both admins and team leaders have permission to process requests, or for example only admins.

In addition, you can define whether admins and/or team leaders receive an email notification.

Approval via email

Administrators and/or team leaders have already received email notifications in case of a new request or a status change. However, to approve or reject requests it was necessary to enter timr separately.

From now on, a request can be approved or rejected by a simple button click in the email. A login in timr itself is thereby not necessary. This way you can also approve requests on the go.

Request approval via email

1.5 Automatic cut of work hours

For the working time recording you can define rules for the maximum working time for quite some time. If these rules are exceeded, timr automatically displays a warning message.

Automatic cut of work hours - config

From now on, you have the option to automatically cut off the working time that exceeds the defined maximum daily working time.

Example: You have defined 10 hours maximum working time per day. Exceedings are to be cut off.
Employee Montana works 11 hours on Monday. timr now cuts off the 11th hour automatically. Only 10 hours of working time are counted.
automatic cut of work hours


Think carefully about whether you want to apply the hour cut BEFORE you configure it in the working time rules.
As soon as the cut is activated, it is automatically applied to ALL working times that have not yet been closed!

Once hours have been cut off, this can only be undone manually on a case-by-case basis.

1.6 Selection of automatic validations for working time

Automatic Review - Config

By default, timr automatically checks all stored working time rules.

Optionally, you can now specify which rules are checked individually.

This way you will only receive warnings in timr for the working time rules you have selected.

Select automatic validations

2. Include non-billable hours in the budget

Previously, only billable hours were counted as consumed budget in timr. However, we have learned that there are also cases where non-billable hours should also be counted against the budget.

With the new function it is now possible to configure this for all projects or individually per project.

More about budget configuration
Budget - include not billable hours

3. Separate email address for invoices

Email Address for invoicing

There is now the possibility to define a separate email address for invoices in timr.

This means that invoices for account renewals or user upgrades will no longer be sent to the email address of the account owner, but automatically to the specifically defined email address.

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