New and better: timr Terminal app

Kunigunde Leitner
July 23, 2021

1. Overview

In order to be able to use timr not only in the office and field service, but throughout the entire company, the requests regarding a time tracking terminal have increased in recent years. We therefore began working on a concept for a time tracking terminal some time ago.

During the evaluation, we very quickly decided not to use our own hardware, but to rely on the existing Android platform. This allows our customers to have access to a wide range of devices. Furthermore, the devices can also be used for other applications in the company or on construction sites.

The timr time tracking terminal is thus an app that is installed on Android devices, ideally tablets. So far, the terminal app has been used by selected beta customers for quite some time. Based on the knowledge gained from this, we have further optimized the app and are pleased to be able to officially introduce the time tracking terminal to all customers.

What do we recommend the terminal for:

If you have employees who do not have a fixed PC workstation (for example, in the warehouse or in production), the new time recording terminal is ideal. It can also be used on the construction site for booking in/out employees.

For what we do not recommend the terminal:

With timr you now have 3 ways to track time: Web app, single user app and terminal app. However, we recommend that you don’t “go all in”, but rather consider which variant is best suited for which employees.

Time tracking must be integrated into the daily workflow. This is the only way to ensure that tracking time is not forgotten by the employee. We therefore do not recommend that an employee who generally works on a PC and has a workstation both in the home office and in the company should book via terminal in the company and via web at home.
In this case, it is simply better to not use teh terminal option and rely purely on the web application. This way, the employee – whether in the office or in the home office – has the same workflow for tracking time.


How can an employee log in to the terminal?Employees can log in to the terminal using a password (PIN) or QR code. We recommend using the QR code.
Does the terminal also work offline?No, currently not. When used on a construction site, an online connection must be available.
Is it possible to log in at the terminal with an NFC chip?Not at present, a corresponding extension is still under consideration.
Is it also possible to log in at the terminal using fingerprint?No. We think that the issue of fingerprints on mass-produced devices has been settled since Covid-19 at the latest, primarily for hygiene reasons. However, we are evaluating other options for identity verification on the device.
Does the terminal also work with GPS tracking?Yes.
What devices do you recommend for using the Terminal App?The timr terminal app runs on Android tablets. Here you can find our hardware recommendation.

2. Setup

Setting up and managing the terminal is now done directly via the timr web application.

This allows you to control the terminal in a central place and change settings simply and easily, for example.

3. Switchover information for existing Terminal Beta customers

If you are using the Terminal Beta app now, we recommend switching to the new official Terminal app.

The previous terminal app can still be used, but will no longer be provided with updates and extensions.

The new terminal is constantly being further developed – so it will automatically remain up to date in the future. For employees, nothing changes in terms of handling – clocking in and out at the terminal continues to be done conveniently via QR code or password.

Switching to the new app really pays off for you and is also done in just a few steps.