Automatic Mileage Tracking with ‘Tour’

on September 9th, 2014

Besides developing the offline apps for timr, we've also taken GPS recording in mileage log to a new level with Tour. Since 2011, the timr iPhone app has included a function for using GPS to determine distance driven. As well as developing the offline apps for timr, we've also taken GPS tracking in the mileage log to a new level with Tour.  One example: once you've started GPS tracking, timr records every journey. A quick trip in the passenger seat with your colleague at lunchtime and the recording is already...

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Offline Apps – Public Beta for iOS

on August 7th, 2014

Today we're making another important step towards our Offline Apps. It's now also possible to participate in the public beta test for our timr iOS Offline App. If you'd like to try the new iOS Offline App, please drop us a line at  

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A new timr plan – Details about 2.24.0

on July 23rd, 2014

New timr Plan “Basic”: timr will already become 6 in September. Since we've launched timr, we've never changed our packages and prices. What we didn't expect when we created our packages back then was that most of our customers don't like the fixed user packages and their discounts: We learned that every customer prefers to pay exactly for what they need, and that's ok. For larger plans, we already had to introduce some special in-between plans. However, these plans caused a lot of administrative overhead on o...

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Offline Apps – Early Access

on June 2nd, 2014

Today we're making a huge step towards our Offline Apps. You can now get early access for our Android Offline App. If you'd like to try the new Android Offline App, please drop us a line at In addition, the public beta for our iPhone Offline App will follow soon. Further details to our plans for the other timr platforms will also follow.  

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Tip of the Month: Showing additional task information

on May 15th, 2014

Our tip for the month of May is dedicated to a new feature which lets you display "Internal Comments" during a project time recording. With the new timr version 2.22.0 it's possible to add 2 separate notes to a task. 1. Internal Comments The former "Comments" field was renamed to "Internal comments". Until now, comments had already been shown to employees but that was not very obvious and prominent as comments had only been displayed by hovering over the task name of an existing project time record. A lot of...

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