timr and heartbleed

on April 13th, 2014

As many of you will have heard in the news last week a serious bug was detected in an encryption software that is used on 90% of all web servers - as on our timr servers. We reacted fast, because we care about the security of our customers data, so we took the following actions: on Tuesday morning we found out about the problem in the afternoon of Tuesday we installed new versions of the affected software containing the required bugfixes on Wednesday we installed the reissued encryption certificates  on Sunda...

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Tip of the month: Activate fast app start for timr Android

on April 9th, 2014

As a first visible sign in the direction of offline capabilities for our mobile Apps, we've created a beta option for "Fast App Start" with the current version of the timr Android App (2.2.2). The timr Android App already synchronises it's state automatically with the timr web application via push. If you activate the "Fast App Start", the App only syncs with the server in very rare cases when you launch the App. This has the advantage that starting the app, especially if you have bad network coverage, is very fast ...

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Tip of the month: Sign and send reports in the Apps

on March 24th, 2014

Our support team often get's asked how to send a report directly on the go via Email. We want to dedicate this tip of the month to show you how to do that. In addition we'll also show you how your clients can also sign the report electronically while on the go. 1. Sending a time report within the App Depending on the platform you have different possibilities to send a PDF report. We'd like to give you a recommendation, however,  there are a lot of other possibilities too. 1.1. The timr iPhone App Our recommend...

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Tip of the month: The timr support forum in the Apps

on February 20th, 2014

With this tip of the month we'd like to briefly introduce how you can look up certain timr features on the go. 1. Our Support Forum - Overview We're constantly improving and extending our support forum. If you have any questions about specific features or if you have wishes, proposals, etc. for the documentation, we're always looking forward to get any kind of feedback!  The  support forum offers  3 different "Help sources": 1.1. Documentation/Guides divided in categories The support forum is categorised into...

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Tip of the month: Define recordable tasks

on January 15th, 2014

timr offers many possibilities to organize and manage your task structure. Tasks can be copied, merged, moved, time limited, etc. This tip of the month will show you another possibility for managing your tasks: define tasks as "recordable" or "not recordable".  Recordable Tasks For every task you can define if it is recordable. Recordable means that the task can be selected in the project time recording and time can be tracked for it. By using this task property you can, for example, define that time for certain ...

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