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The biggest update since … timr

on May 20th, 2016

Biggest timr updateMore individual, easier, more structured. This is the new timr, which has been further expanded in the area of work time and now offers a whole range of new functions.As an administrator, you will immediately save a ton of time doing payroll. As an employee, you’ll appreciate that you can now view your current balance of hours and vacations whenever you want. The new Time AccountThe most important major development at timr is the Time Account, which offers numerous enhancement...

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timr Offline – Simply Everywhere

on August 17th, 2015

timr.offline-EN-singleWait times are a thing of the past with the new timr Offline app, which is available for Android starting today and will also be available for iOS in a few weeks.

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Important information for users of timr Team Tracking

on August 14th, 2015

On Monday the 17th of August 2015 we will launch the new timr Android Version in the Play Store, which is capable of working offline. This version is intended for individual timr users and does not include a the team tracking function. This means for users of the timr team tracking function to install the separate timr Team Tracking App from the Play Store to be able to still use team tracking. The app is already available and can be found here.

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New feature: full cost control in your project

on July 8th, 2015

If you have your own company, or are responsible for a project, you know how important cost control is. Your project and business can only be a success when you know that you are operating within the limits of your budget. Let us do your calculations for you. How? You decide! Do you want to charge your employees’ hours at an individual hourly rate? O.K. Or would you rather agree on a fixed price or a specific hourly rate for each project? No Problem. Or do you have a fixed hourly rate for individual jobs an...

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Team Organization & Permissions

on July 8th, 2015

You have structured your company, divided it into departments and teams, assigned team leaders and department heads – you are well-positioned. Why should that change when you use a new software option? Why should you be forced into a structure that doesn’t suit you? Company organization in timr In timr Enterprise you can now define the organizational structure of your company, including responsibilities and permissions. This makes the management of departments and teams significantly easier. John D. is a

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