Better invoice management with time tracking for projects

  • Project Time Tracking
  • Custom Task Structure
  • Apps for all smartphones
  • Live Time Tracking
  • Project Time Reports

Time tracking for customers, projects and tasks

Are you in the office or on the go? Track the amount of time you need for projects and tasks via the web application and the app – whenever and wherever you need.
Are you working on one or more projects? Set up the task structure in line with your requirements – no matter how many projects you’re currently working on.

Time tracking - user administration

You determine your own task structure

Track your project time the way you need to, just like the motto says: time tracking with timr suits me to a T!

  • Organize tasks according to customers and projects
  • Create subtasks
  • Assign tasks to employees
  • Move, merge and deactivate tasks
  • Adjust structures at any time: move, merge and deactivate tasks

Your project times at a glance

Project time report at the push of a button

When you want to see how far a project has progressed in black and white, simply generate a detailed project time report.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports

You can create reports for different time periods. A day, one week, or a month – keep track of everything at any time.

Budget report for tasks and employees

Keep track of the time you spend on projects and clients. The budget report gives you detailed insight into your expenses.

project time tracking report

Apps for project time tracking

Online and offline

Track your project times anytime and anywhere, online and offline. This makes tediously entering time a thing of the past.


All platforms

You can use timr apps on all platforms. iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone – the choice is yours!

project time tracking app

GPS position tracking

For all apps GPS location tracking is available. Have an urgent task that needs to be done at the customer’s site? Simply send those employees who are currently in the area.


On-site project time tracking in real time

Do you work on a project at the customer’s site and are on the run the whole day? Record your time wherever you are – easy and in real time.

Stay ahead of your budget

The budget dashboard lets you easily keep track of your projects. You can see how much time you’ve already spent on a particular project and the costs you’ve already incurred.

You can access your budget overview for individual projects and tasks, but also for individual employees as well.

time tracking administration

Try project time tracking – without obligation

Project time tracking should be so easy that you don’t need to think about it. timr makes this a reality. See for yourself!

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