Time tracking on iPhone with the timr app

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Time tracking app on iPhone

Online and offline

Track all your time, no matter whether you happen to be online or offline. Recorded time is automatically synchronized with the server once you’re back online with your device.


All platforms

You can use the time tracking app on every platform. Which mobile device your employees use for time tracking is up to them.

time tracking iphone app

GPS location tracking

With timr on the iPhone, you can use GPS location detection to efficiently deploy your employees in the field.


Work time, project time and drive log in a single app

The app on your iPhone can help you save time and money. Time tracking, project time tracking and drive log are all at your fingertips in a single app.

Cloud backup & central management

Your records are automatically saved and backuped in the web application. The administration is easily handled in the office via the web application. With your iPhone App you simply track your time on the go.

time tracking iphone online

Work time tracking

A user friendly interface allows you to effortlessly enter your work time directly on your iPhone. Synchronization with the web application takes place automatically.

Work time tracking

Project time tracking

You can also track project time directly and in real time with the app on your mobile device. Recording customer visits, for example, requires minimal effort.

project time tracking

Drive log

The drive log feature gives your employees the ability to track all trips easily and without hassle. You can centrally manage all drive logs in the Cloud.

Drive log

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