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Automatic drive log

With Tour, our automatic drive log solution, you can say goodbye to manually writing down mileage, locations and directions. Your trips are tracked automatically via GPS at the push of a button. The app is also easy to use and features an easy-to-understand design. The integration of Tour in timr means you can now centrally manage all drive logs in the timr web application.*
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Manual drive log

With timr, you can easily record business and work-related trips. Using the app on a smartphone makes it possible to capture the location of an employee if he or she consents to location tracking. At the press of a button, geographical data are automatically converted into start and destination addresses via the GPS location tracking when starting and ending a log entry.

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Centralized management of all company cars


All company cars and drive logs

In the timr web application, you can manage all employees with company cars, as well as the company cars themselves. Thanks to this, you can save all your employees’ drive logs in one central location. And, if an employee leaves the company, you can still access his or her drive log at a later date, allowing you to easily fulfill official requirements to furnish proof and data retention obligations.

Tax office compliant

You can easily manage your drive log on the road at the touch of a button – making annoying Excel tables and paperwork a thing of the past.The drive log meets the technical requirements for electronic drive logs established by many tax authorities. Of course, the user also need to manage the drive log by completely and promptly entering information, without gaps.

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