Time tracking on Android with the timr app

Free app for your Android smartphone

Time tracking app on Android smartphone

Online and offline

Your hours are tracked both online and offline on your smartphone, anytime and anywhere, and automatically synchronized with the server as soon as your device connects to a network.


All platforms

You’re free to choose the mobile device you use to record your time. The time tracking app is available on all platforms.

android time tracking app

GPS location tracking

With GPS location tracking you can always track the location of your employees and assign incoming orders accordingly.


Work time, project time and drive log in a single app

With timr on your smartphone, you have all features at your fingertips. It lets you take advantage of work time tracking, project time tracking and drive log in a single app.

Cloud backup & central management

With the App you simply track your time on the go. The administration is easily handled in the office via the web application where all your records are also automatically saved and backuped in case your smartphone is lost, for example.

time tracking android online

Work time tracking

You can also enter work time away from home easily and conveniently. Data is automatically synchronized with the web application.

Work time tracking

Project time tracking

Tasks that employees handle directly at the customer site can be recorded without effort using project time tracking on Android smartphone.

Project time tracking

Drive log

With just a few clicks you manage your drive log on your smartphone. Data for all trips is directly recorded.

Drive log

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