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Work time tracking in the office and on the go

  • Work Time Tracking
  • Tracking of absences
  • Vacation Account per hours or days
  • Time sheet instantly available
  • Your team at a glance

Time tracking - work time

Tracking of
work time and absences

You can easily track on-the-job and absence time with minimal effort. For this you create different work schedule models and set up planned hours for each day of the week. Various full-time and part-time models simplify your payroll effort.

Absences like comp time off, vacation and sick leave, can be easily recorded via different work time types.

Vacation Account

Every employee has his or her own vacation account, allowing them to keep track of earned/used vacation at will. Among others, timr offers you the following functionality:

  • track full-day or half-day vacation
  • managing vacation accounts in hours or days
  • entering annual vacation
  • tracking special vacation
  • factoring in public holidays

 time tracking vacation

Your time sheet is ready, whenever you need it

Time sheet at the push of a button

Your time sheet is created automatically at period-end and can be accessed in a handy PDF version.

Daily, weekly and monthly balances

The status off all work time is ready on demand. Daily, weekly and monthly balances help you bill your employees’ hours quickly and easily.

Automatic breaks

You have the possibility to set automatic breaks. This ensures compliance with legally prescribed rest periods easily and without effort.

Public holiday calendar

You can automatically generate public holidays by country, or simply set them up yourself.

Time account with carry-over

timr puts an end to the hassle of calculating hours or days at the end of the month. Hours and vacation balances are automatically managed in your account.

Automatic time sheet

Apps for mobile work time tracking

Online and offline

With the app you use time tracking online and offline, wherever you are. Your recorded work hours are automatically synchronized with the server once you’re back online.


All platforms

Which mobile device you use for work time tracking is up to you. timr is available on all platforms.

work time tracking app

GPS location tracking

With GPS location tracking you automatically capture your location when tracking work time – the same way you would do with a physical punch clock.


Work time tracking by supervisors

Authorize the team leader to record time for his or her team members. This saves time and money. Employees no longer need to personally record time, and no longer need their own cell phone.

Your team at a glance

The user dashboard helps you keep track every time and thus it is an important pillar for your time management. You can see presence and absence times, as well as the location of all employees, whenever you need them.

work time tracking timr

Automatic reminders

At the end of a long day, employees sometimes forget to clock out. Simply use timr as a virtual assistant and automatically remind your staff if tracking is still running after hours!

Custom fields

You can track all time as accurately as possible. To add additional information on work time, you can create your own fields. This lets you make per diem allowances, overseas stays and other important information all part of your time tracking.

Try work time tracking without obligations

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