Analysis & Reports

With the timr reportings and statistics, you always have your project efforts under control. timr’s instantaneous time tracking ensures your project efforts are always up to date. So it is always possible (e.g. at the client or in a short term project meeting) to make decisions based on valid information.

Due to the timr approach: easy, instantaneous and ubiquitous, the information that your reports are based on is always perfectly cultivated and gives you cost transparency.


Your recorded project times can be rounded afterwards for accounting purposes.

Set Status

You can add a status to every entry. It’s recommended to set the status to “Locked” for all records that you’re going to bill. As soon as you’ve created the bill for these records, set the status to “Cleared”. As soon as the bill was paid you can close these records by changing the state to “Closed”.



Because just tracking time is not enough, timr now gives you much more control on your times. The new dashboards enable you getting a much better overview on your working times, project times and the ongoing activities in your team.

Task Dashboard – your project times at a glance

Your Task Dashboard tells you how many hours you and your employees spent on which tasks and how many hours are billable to your clients.

User Dashboard – in touch with your team

Your User Dashboard helps you keeping an eye on your team. It’s always good to know on what your employees currently spend their time, without having to ask each of them.

Print & Export

For your own statistics and reports you can also export your time data at any time. We offer many export formats like Excel, .csv, Word etc. It is also possible to export data in the Calendar format which enables you to directly view your timr records in your personal calendar tool like Outlook, Cal, …


timr is the easiest way to track your time and boost your productivity.


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