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timr time tracking iPhone App


Work- and Project Time Tracking

The timr iPhone App tracks your working time and project time on the go. Your business trip is already tracked when you return to your office the next time.

Drive Log

With the timr drive log feature you’re tracking your milage on the go.

GPS Position Tracking

On starting and stoping a recoding, timr tracks your position and saves it together with the record.

GPS Mileage Tracking

The timr iOS App offers a great mileage tracking feature. The automatic GPS Mileage Tracking enables you to track your mileage by GPS.

timr GPS mileage tracking is very precise and the best thing is, it automatically detects if you move by feet or by car and only tracks your mileage if you’re moving by car! With the timr App you can start mileage tracking when you’re leaving your home in the morning and you can stop it back at home at the end of the day. Have you ever forgotten to stop mileage tracking in the evening when you arrived at home? With the timr GPS Mileage Tracking you can easily save the drivelog for the whole day at your couch and don’t have to take a look at your odometer every day.

GPS Mileage Tracking



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time tracking iPhone reports

Reports on the Go

The timr iOS App lets you analyse your time on the go. This lets you keep control over your employees and projects even if you’re out of the office.


The timr iPhone App lets you track your times worldwide, regardless of the time zone that you’re in, even if you have to switch the time zones quite often during longer business trips.

Time Tracking over Midnight

You are often working past midnight? No problem, timr tracks your nightly hours even if you have to work past midnight.

Always in Sync, Automatic Backup

timr always communicates live with the server, thus your times are always up to date without having to synchronize them. There is no risk for any data loss if you’re updating your software or if you’re loosing your phone since all your data is automatically backuped on the server.

feature sync