Easy and fast to use, even on the go

timr provides native applications for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile Smartphone. Despite other systems, where you have to track your times on your mobile via a website, timr provides you with its own application for your Smartphone. This has huge advantages i.e. a much faster start of the application, as well as much better usability.

Apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

timr offers Apps for all 4 major mobile plattforms, this is outstanding. Therefore, timr doesn’t constrain you by selecting phones in your company. If you switch your phone, you can still continue using timr on your new phone.

Not all supported platforms provide the same features. Some features may only be available on certain platforms so far. Take a look at the following overview for details. 

All platforms provide the following features

  • Working Time Tracking (Punch Clock)
  • Project Time Tracking
  • Drive Log Tracking
  • Time tracking cross Time-Zones, Past-Midnight
  • GPS Position-Tracking
  • Always in Sync


Some platforms also provide the following features

  • Automatic Mileage Tracking via GPS (iOS only)
  • Team Tracking (Android only)


timr is the easiest way to track your time and boost your productivity.


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