Project Time Tracking

With timr, you track the time that you are working on a certain task. 

Besides a comment for each record you can also track if the time can be billed to the customer or not.

Structure your tasks as you need them

timr won’t constrain you in your function or in the structure of your tasks, but enables you to adjust the system completely to your individual company.

So, it is possible to structure your tasks towards customers, projects, subprojects or work packages, et cetera. The timr solution offers you the flexibility to facilitate structuring projects or tasks according to your company’s specific needs. 

Task Refactoring

Because your tasks structure most likely will change sometimes, timr enables you to continuously adapt your structure and keep it up to date. It is possible to move existing tasks or merge them with other tasks.

Completed tasks will be closed so that they won’t bother you anymore during tracking the current tasks. 


Authorize employees to work on a task

In order to keep control over a lot of tasks you can assign tasks to the responsible employees. This also means you can prevent employees from working on tasks that they are not allowed to work on.


timr is the easiest way to track your time and boost your productivity.


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