A face lift for the timr Help Center

For us, userfriendliness is an important aspect of timr. However, time tracking sometimes can be complex. Therefore, we offer a Help Center with articles and tutorials which explains all features of timr and how to use them. Since the beginning of November this documentation is available in a brand new form. The new user interface gives you a better overview and helps you to find articles easier than before. Also, the content of the timr Help Center has been updated. So now you have the latest infos and news with regards to new features like the Time Account and all updates of the timr Apps.


The new Help Button in your timr Account



The most prominent sign of the updated timr Help Center is the new Help Button in your timr Account. If you click on it, a small window will be opened which shows article suggestions. There you can search the complete article base of the Help Center, just enter a search phrase. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you also have the possibility to open a Live Chat to our support team.


The timr documentation – an overview

The article base is divided into different sections with regards to the timr web application, the timr Apps as well as important features like the time account. Each section contains articles about all important features and how to use them.


For example, in the time account section you’ll find information about activating and configuring the time account or about balancing a period. If you need further details after reading a selected article you can immediately browse the other articles in this section. All articles of the section are directly displayed on the left side.


Apart from clicking on the Help Button in your timr Account you can also reach the timr Help Center at support.timr.com

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