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time tracking app and online time tracking


Time Tracking – anywhere

timr is a comprehensive time tracking tool which easily adopts based on your needs. With timr you can track your Work- and Projecttimes easily, instantaneous and anywhere.

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Optimize your workflow

timr not only allows you to track your time, it also enables you to optimize it. A short phone call here, another short issue there, with timr you become aware of your time thefts. timr Increases your billable time, you’re able to verify your productivity, and you keep track of the really important tasks.

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timr is more than time tracking

car72Mileage tracking / drive log

With timr you track your drive log. By using the mobile clients, you always keep control over your driven miles.

connected2Team organization

timr enables you to display the organisational structure of your company, including responsibilities and permissions.

budgetProject budgets

In timr, you can define your cost and time budgets and apply individual hourly rates for each employee.

call38Exceptional support

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Client voices

I have been testing and liking very much all features of timr. You and your team have been providing an exceptional support, in a perfect combination of timing and effort in a way that I’m not even used to!
– Marcelo Bulgueroni / Brazil 

LOVE where you are going with this…love the multi-user idea…Love the GPS tracking…Keep up the great work!
– Sergio Barriuso / USA