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Tip of the Month: Showing additional task information

on May 15th, 2014

Project Time Tracking CommentsOur tip for the month of May is dedicated to a new feature which lets you display "Internal Comments" during a project time recording.With the new timr version 2.22.0 it's possible to add 2 separate notes to a task.1. Internal CommentsThe former "Comments" field was renamed to "Internal comments". Until now, comments had already been shown to employees but that was not very obvious and prominent as comments had only been displayed by hovering over the task name of an existing project time record. A lot of our cus...

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Calendar Integration with Outlook 2013 – Important note

on May 13th, 2014

With timr it's possible to show your time recordings in your calendar application. Therefor we provide a special URL that includes a unique token. The URL looks like includes a token that authenticates the user and does not need extra login information to access the calendar.Lately we had some support requests saying that Outlook 2013 asks for a username and a password when using this URL to subscribe to a "intern...

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timr and heartbleed

on April 13th, 2014

heartbleedAs many of you will have heard in the news last week a serious bug was detected in an encryption software that is used on 90% of all web servers - as on our timr servers.We reacted fast, because we care about the security of our customers data, so we took the following actions:on Tuesday morning we found out about the problemin the afternoon of Tuesday we installed new versions of the affected software containing the required bugfixeson Wednesday we installed the reissued encryption certificates on Sunday we revoked...

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Tip of the month: Activate fast app start for timr Android

on April 9th, 2014

Android Fast Timr App StartAs a first visible sign in the direction of offline capabilities for our mobile Apps, we've created a beta option for "Fast App Start" with the current version of the timr Android App (2.2.2).The timr Android App already synchronises it's state automatically with the timr web application via push. If you activate the "Fast App Start", the App only syncs with the server in very rare cases when you launch the App. This has the advantage that starting the app, especially if you have bad network coverage, is very fast an...

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timr improvements: Time Zones, now showing duration minus break time

on April 15th, 2013

Todays release of the timr web version 2.17.7 provides improvements of some issues relating to the handling of time zones in timr. At the same time we've adjusted the layout of the time tracking dialogs and the display of the duration shown for each entry. 1. Time Zones:Due to clock changes (Daylight Saving Time/Standard Time) or traveling through time zones, there were possibly unwanted time zone values in specific time entries.Now you can adjust these values in timr yourself because timr automatically shows the ti...

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